a 20 dollar bill in America, is also a newer bill. Largely because the bill is so nice, where as 50s and 100s are hooker and blow money for politicians.
Why you givin' me ones? You know how I am bout them crisps!
by xhoonx March 02, 2011
a synonym for cool.
omg! that screwdriver ride was very crisp!
by Megan Sandy December 06, 2008
an adjective describing something radical, cool, awesome, or "off the chain."
Man, those shoes are so crisp!

Is that your car? Man, that thing is CRISP!
by B123456 August 31, 2008
not high, crispiness.
smooth. you catch on to stuff faster because you are crisp. you can hold on to a couple of conversations, and be ready to break into any of them because you can. not necessarily a good thing. right before you shoot your load.
by Daren Strange December 13, 2006
A person who exhibits anti-social behaviour which affects others in a negative manner.
Sha, that did u check that oke pull Pete's rods down during assembly? What a crisp!
by mikelowrie February 12, 2010
tight as hell
all the ladies are looking crisp
by Anonymous May 23, 2003
Clean, loud, sharp, and clear-sounding physical contact. Has a ring to it. 'Crisp' may refer to spanks, slaps, snaps, claps...etc but is most common used in the description of successful high-fives.
1. "That was a crisp high five"
2. "No, when he spanked me it wasn't crisp at all. It was more like his hand peeled away"
by Pail/Concussed/Crevice January 12, 2008

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