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verb--To dent or smash a car.
noun--any dent or visible impact made on a car.
1) A tree fell in the storm last night and crimpled my car!

2) Man, I just bought the car and it already has a crimple in the door!
by Brosti July 13, 2005
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To have your nipple bitten off by a cat
I was fucking this girl last night and then I realised she'd been crimpled. That cat's so naughty
by Wallace Boy January 13, 2004
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Crimple is when someone is injured and has to be on crutches or a wheel chair. Crimple could also mean someone that has a knee brace, broken arm, and ect.
Example) Tiffany is crimple.

This is meaning tiffany is injured and has a knee brace + crutches.
by Secret04 June 04, 2016
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