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When one makes a stupid mistake one is know to have crigged it. A crig is a mistake made through lack of thought or skill.
Oh my god! You've pathetically crigged that!
That was an almighty crig on your part!
by jgalf September 04, 2010
Slang name for testicles
Not getting that job was a real kick in the crigs.
by Al the Ulsterman July 02, 2009
Offensive. Word splice for "crazy nig" use as a term for any person attempting to cause others misfortune regardless of ethnicity.

Subjecting a person to an unpleasant experience, ranging from minor inconvenience to life-threatening situations.
"I almost didn't make it home last night, thankfully I'm good at dodging crigs."

"If you're planning on sleeping with your neighbor's wife, keep in mind that you're about to massively crig him."
by Wallpaper September 16, 2012
Different, better word for the name 'Craig.'
Hey there, Crig. You're looking fabulous today.
by Notcrig September 23, 2007
Cy-Rig (sī-rig) or C-Rig (sē-rig), n. jargon (g33kspeak?) a term originating from most forms of cyberpunk genre games (eg. Shadowrun), it refers to any form of computer custom or purpose built to suit the end-user's need(s); commonly called "rig".
Dude, that is one fancy C-Rig with all the neon lighting, liquid coolin' system and cool-lookin' casing.
by kamikazesouljah July 22, 2008
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