A small stream (old english)
Cricklewood (an area in London) - a crickle in the wood
by tv21 June 13, 2011
One of the onomatapoeic sounds a wood-burning fire makes; esp. when damp or wet.
<i>'<b>Crickle</b>, crackle, hiss, and sparkle; flickering flames, fighting forest flurries, lick and ignite, in turn, moss, bark, twigs, sticks, and logs, sending sizzling spurts of steam skedaddling.</i>
John Hamshare (1940 - ): quoted, with permission, from the Masterful Sentences course www.writersvillage.com 2009
by Real Grumps July 21, 2009
the most amazing creature
She is the crickle of the bunch.
by SuperOmniMeglo November 19, 2008
1. Stiffness of joints or body aches related to exsessive physical exertion. Rooted in the sounds "crickling" bones and joints make.

2. Old and worn and approaching a useless state.

3. General insult related to age and physical decay.
My knees are so beat from playing Ultimate. total crickel.

Tha old man had a bad case of the crickles.

My car is so crickly, it barely makes it down the road.
by Kyle Burk November 17, 2004
Verb, which origins stem from inappropriate and awkward touching from an uncle or other older family member.

Roots are creepy and tickle.
After dinner my Uncle crickled me.

I am so excited to go home after work for my crickling.

Would you like to go on a date with me and maybe a crickle?
by Uncle Teddie April 05, 2011

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