A short bigheaded loud annoying person
Craig is deffinetly crickety just look at him
by junkies fan, bowie, md July 02, 2003
Top Definition
A person who creaks like an old rocking chair. A person who's body is giving out in random places due to use,injury or age. Term of endearment.
Geez you are very Crickety these days, do you want an aspirin ?

I can't work out, I'm a bit Crickety.

I played golf today, I'm a bit Crickety.
by JGiler August 19, 2014
Of the nature of, or pertaining to the sport of Cricket.
1. His batting action is too crickety, not suitable for baseball.

2. A new sports channel launched today on a crickety platform.
by trindas April 10, 2006
the act of getting supremely wasted and crunk
Dude I got so crickety last night, I killed two bottles, a rolled a blunt before passing out on that chick
by buckyh October 14, 2010
Voluntary intoxication to the point basic functions become difficult. For example; too drunk to walk.
After the party we were all pretty crickety.
by Neufchatel April 17, 2006

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