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Adj. A word used to describe someone that is weak and doesn't go to the gym.
The new kid at the gym is extremely frail. He couldn't bench the bar.
My little brother is so frail his arms are as big as a twig.
by jckdmonkey August 07, 2010
A word used to describe someone with no muscle or strength and doesn't hit the gym.
The kid next to me in class is so frail i bet he can only deadlift 115.
My friend can only 1RM 95 on bench, he is so frail.
by Qmaz October 24, 2010
Someone lacking muscle bulk or definition.
Man, Brian is looking pretty frail today..
by wb2143 September 23, 2014
Woman, assumed to be from the slang of 1930s Harlem (NYC)
"She was the roughest, toughest frail,
But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale . . ."
- "Minnie the Moocher," Cab Calloway
by Serenissima May 10, 2005
the act of being completely pathetic,weak and sensative

see- Gilbert Munoz, Nick Clark
Gilbert is being very frail today, he says he doesnt like it when i hit him, he has commited a Frailtality

Nick owns a boat called the USS FRAIL, its full of holes, doesnt go forward, and often is the grounds of many gay parties where you can see gilbert and nick joined ass to dick
by skeebie bop January 19, 2009
Somebody, usually a boy, who always backs out of plans for some other reason, but says he is 'visiting his uncle in Wales' when he is actually going to the hairdressers to have his hair trimmed shampooed straightened and styled.
Me: I know, lets invite Rob!
Friend: No, Rob's frail, he would rather spend his time trying to climb back up Jess's arse crack, he doesn't care about us.
Me: Dude, lame.
by OhWowThatsRandom April 27, 2008
having brittle bones, always limpin' around complaining about how hard things are and his frailness
Jay Hughes brittle bones break every time he breathes.
Matt B. became Mr. Frail for a day when he was beaten by the king of all frails Jay Hughes.
by King Frail December 14, 2005
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