When a person cracks a joke, or says something ridiculous, that really isn't funny at all, or is just really ridiculous, and every person surrounding him/her is in complete utter silent to the point where he/she can actually start to hear non-existing crickets.
Brian: Hey I know what I want to be when I grow up!!
Manager: What now Brian?
Brian: A soccer player!!
Manager: You don't even play soccer.... "cricket"
by Supermarket Worker February 09, 2011
when one of two parties are speaking on the telephone past ten p.m. when one of the parties asks a question that could or could not be life changing. the opposite party reacts in a way that could only be described by the sounds of crickets.
ben husband: hey madi, i dont know where your heart is. why are you acting this way? i love you and i want us to be together.

madi wife: *no response hence the use of crickets*

ben husband: stop giving me those crickets and tell me how you feel.
by cheesemachine December 06, 2009
Silence, when you ask someone a question and they don't give a response.
I asked Sharon why she was late for work, all I got was crickets, ugh!
by Peavette January 26, 2015
Someone who talks behind your back, but when your around they have nothing to say.
Person# 1 "Tim said he thinks your a
loser and he really doesnt like you"

Person #2 " he never says anything to

Person #1 "yep, hes a cricket!"
by Castro7051 November 19, 2013
One cool ass chic who is twice the man than all the men she has met.
Whoa.. she dumped his faking, perpetrating, side busting, shady, some timey (sometimes it’s chics sometimes it’s dicks), GOP ass like a cricket.
by ceejay76 July 27, 2012
verb. to purposely ignore a phone call or text message in an attempt to seem cooler or more important that the sender
Bear: Hey chopper, you should text that slut Brittany that you banged last night.
Chopper: I texted her twenty minutes ago, she's cricket-ing me.

Bear: slut
Chopper: that's right
by buzzw September 11, 2012
A beautiful magical and mysterious boy who is sweet and gentle and always does the right thing, but if you cross him he will put a wicked curse on you. He is one of the few men in the world that truly respects women and truly deserves to be respected by all women. A true King of Zion. He is a keeper of ancients secrets and a modern day angel/ delivery boy of Truth and Love. He often reminds people of Peter Pan and is usually surrounded by lost boys, tinkerbells, wendy's and tigerlilys. He Always tells the truth and he gives the best advice of anyone on earth. He has inhumanly good vision, fights like a ninja and eats mostly sugar.
If Cricket said that its a bad idea then lets listen to him, you remember what happened last time we didn't...
by intergalacticlove November 28, 2011
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