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often confused with Goths. these people do not want to kill them selves. however like Goths are anti townie
usualy hate 'nar' music and can say the letter 'T' in words
by dedbled January 01, 2004
the way townies tell grebs/goths to get hair cuts
go get an 'air cut u dutteh greb
by dedbled January 01, 2004
like a townie but worse. cant say the letter t and says nar as a general insult or when they don’t know what to say. also have an annoying habit of holding their thumb and 2nd finger together then hitting their first finger against them.
naaaar wat'cha fink ya doin.
by dedbled January 01, 2004
a word used by people such as 'townies' & 'nars'. usualy means 'crew' or 'mates'
yo man wat'cha fink you doin'. ill go get mi bleds and bom ya 'ouse
by dedbled January 01, 2004
small pancakes or shoes
'go get some new creps be4 u even tink bout speakin to me danz'

'i think i will go and have a crep now'
by dedbled January 01, 2004
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