A more commonly used phrase for the Act of Backyard Hopping or fence hopping
Guy 1. Dude im so bored what you wanna do

Guy 2. Dude lets go Creeping down your street

Guy 3. Ok but bring Supplies so we dont get caught
by Diamond421 April 26, 2009
The act of pulling into a driveway at night, your car angled so your headlights shine in the house, either in the bedroom, living room or kitchen, and honking your horn and blinking your lights in an extremely obnoxious manner. Usually ends up with the homeowner very pissed off.
Annie: "There's nothing to do tonight, do you have any ideas?"

Todd: "We should totally go creeping again, those 2 ladies got super pissed and ran outside"

Annie: "Yeah, creeping sounds good to me"
by octazooka October 30, 2008
The process in a game such as Warcraft III in order to roam after creeps and kill them in order for the hero to gain levels.
Im creeping 'till they attack.
by Kurt July 19, 2003
the weed that is smoked in every part of the world that is not tropical. creeping is grown in cold countries(non-tropical), where weed cant grow by itself, such as canada, usa, northern europe.. etc, and its sold as common weed, which you can only get in south america(so actually if youve smoked weed outside of south america, youve smoked creeping).

this type of weed is grown using chemical substances. is much more stronger than common weed, but because of the chemical substances it has, is not as clean.

in south american countries is called creeping or green weed, because of its color(common weed is more like brown)
a common use for those who both creeping and common weed is available, is called "half-half joint" which is a joint made half of common weed and half creeping.
by miss avioneta October 04, 2006

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