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To stealthily sneak up or approach someone or something. Especially used in online gaming.
That guy just creedled up and punched Raves in the back.
by exile033 May 10, 2008
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A paranoid delusional state of mind, generally associated with over indulging in the use of narcotic stimulants (typically meth-amphetamine and crack cocaine).

Characterized by a scattered, self delusional belief that irrelevant and total unrelated events or phenomena somehow have special personal significance. This separation from reality leads to unstable and irrational thinking, perpetuated by compulsive thoughts of being obsessively followed and watched. Odd behavior and an overwhelming social paranoia and anxiety follow.

These drug induced episodes of strange and erratic behavior often follow consecutive sleep deprived days of drug binging, self exclusion and hyper-sensitive debauchery.

Creedler's regularly loiter around public places and tend to "creep about" suspiciously. Usually easily noticed by there toothless mumbled jargon, and an unmistakable edgy, motley appearance.
"Vitch, your on a mad creedle sesh!! how many times can you tip-toe around the house in that kiddies batman suit, hiding the fact your cleaning your riffle?.. And what's up with the GPS tracker on the dishwasher? been cheating on you again?.."

T to H: "Dez loves too Creedle, on day 3 shes usually trimming the lawn with a blunt can opener, or hiding in her garage from the neighborhood dogs who are all narc's"

Dont Creedle out on me bro! ...

He was totally creedler of the month material
by RustyPick December 21, 2010
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I was having a good time at the party until Raves creedled up and started talking to us.

Raves is creedling on my style by tring to wear the same shirts as me.
by exile034 August 19, 2008
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