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1. Creed.
2. Nickel Back
3. A genre of music with roots associated with Dishwalla, Vertical Horizon, and Third Eye Blind to name a few, but was perfect by the likes of Creed and Nickelback. Mostly commercial music based on similar or exact same chord progressions, lame drum lines, and stealing lyrics or music.
4. Any new commercial band, especially those on TRL or MTV during prime time or bands that don't even write their own music.
Bobby: I saw a clip of Creed's video where Scott Stapp was on a plateau.
Roadskid: That's ever video, he finds a way to be on a mountain top.
Bobby: I hate that Cheesedick Rock.
Roadskid: If you looked up Cheesedick Rock in the dictionary I bet you'd see Creed.
by Big Bobbity November 15, 2007
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