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A nickname used by a hot lesbian vampire for a cute, dorky girl.
Carmilla looked at Laura with her seduction eyes and said, "Buckle up, cream puff."
by absolute-garbage August 06, 2015
A fat, lazy, sedentary person, who would rather sit, watch TV, and eat a bowl of cream than do anything physical.
Wow, he's such a cream puff. He's sitting on his ass eating a donut while all his friends are outside playing football.
by eldiablo247 November 30, 2010
An overly sensitive male that doesn’t hold back any feelings or emotions. Tends to fall in love quickly and is often quit clingy.
"I broke up with him yesterday and he cried like a baby. Man, he is such a cream-puff !
by Milenda February 05, 2010
the act in which a guy shoots his load all over a girl's pussy instead of inside it
Kate wasn't on birth control so I couldn't give her a creampie. So, I blew my load all over her puffy mound, thus giving her a cream puff instead.
by CreampieGuy June 28, 2011
someone who's soft, and gets mistaken for a girl first time. sceney weenies straight killah
lyk omgz matt is tha biggest creampuff ever lawlz rotflmao !!
by lolnicole January 21, 2008
A white gay guy.
No Jessica. Don't hit on that white guy. He's a cream puff and will ignore you since he only likes other guys.
by Billys_upper_lip June 21, 2013
someone that is a short wimpy person
shut it creampuff. you got nothing on me
by shastro July 30, 2011
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