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degrading name for someone that is perceived as having a diminished capacity, e.g. a moron, an idiot, etc
Bloody cockwad doesn't know how to drive. His momma definitely should have swallowed that load.
by CreampieGuy June 28, 2011
the goo that is released from a guy's cock after he comes
Damn! I came a lot last night after fucking this ho Amanda. You should have seen the amount of dick spit I left all over her face.
by CreampieGuy June 28, 2011
the act in which a guy shoots his load all over a girl's pussy instead of inside it
Kate wasn't on birth control so I couldn't give her a creampie. So, I blew my load all over her puffy mound, thus giving her a cream puff instead.
by CreampieGuy June 28, 2011
a sleazy, skanky ho that you fuck right after meeting that does all the dirty nasty shit no proper lady would do and whom you would never bring home to meet your mom
Bill and Chris went out hogging and ended up meeting this trailer park treasure that they soon gang banged and left on the side of the road
by CreampieGuy June 28, 2011
a combination of two military terms - a rack is a bed and stow is to put away or secure; together they mean put yourself to bed, to go to bed, or bedtime
Damn, it's already 0245! It's time for rack stow cos' I gotta be up at 0630.
by CreampieGuy July 16, 2011
This word is an acronym that stands for Ass In Front. This is the male version of the FUPA or gunt. This phenomenon occurs when a male wears a pair of pants that is too tight and the bulge from his genital region protrudes farther than his waistline
Bill tried to fit into his jeans from high school. This was no easy task since he had gained more than 50 lbs since then and when he came down the stairs his AIF was prominent for all to see
by CreampieGuy July 16, 2011
is denoted the performance of a task or maintenance in which the technician or worker circumvents proper safety precautions in order to save time and be more efficient. The worker is usually quite familiar with the task he or she is performing and it usually does not entail cutting corners while completing the job.
Billy had wanted to change the display lights on several of the consoles. However, the job required a tag out and power turned off. Since it was after midnight and no supervisors were awake, he decided to do the job shady shady style by just opening several of the panels and changing the LED's. while the equipment was still energized.
by CreampieGuy August 24, 2011
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