Top Definition
the cross between crap and shizzle
Hell dude, that party was crazzle! what were you thinkin, dumbass?
by bbbinea May 26, 2011
Part Rabbit, Part Weasel, Part Dog, Part Cat. This rare semi-animal is largely annoying and devoid of most intellect. It will starve itself for no apperant reason.
Attracted to the booty of females and notorious at rapping.
That crazzle was off the hook at that rap contest, nigga.
by Sir Ludvig von Twinklesteen June 25, 2006
Events or concepts that need not be defined precisely. Related to the word crap.
This crazzle is unacceptable.
by Errant July 23, 2004
a cracker. its just like nizzle and nigga.
What up crazzle?
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
a white person
what up crazzle?
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
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