A word used to describe people who don't conform to society's idea of what is normal.
Look at him, he's crazy because he doesn't act like me.
by jack145a August 18, 2009
Here's how to know if your crazy or not:

If you talk to inanimate objects, you're not crazy. If you hear them talking back to you, THAT'S when you know you're crazy.
Hey, maybe you ARE crazy!
by Aspirations January 11, 2009
very much so; in abundance
dogs love me cuz i'm crazy sniffable
by jdm November 20, 2002
A person who acts in a manner that the normal society does not approve of.
man1: Dude... that guy, ish!, is doing backflips naked on his ironing board!
Man2: I know, bro. He's totally crazy!
by Afroman12342 October 22, 2008
Something out of the ordinary, or doesn't fit in the norm.
Mariah Carey is crazy for marrying Nick Cannon and Mariah did not use a prenupt.
by Keitha May 02, 2008
Usually used to describe a psychotic female. The more capital letters, the more psychotic.
IE. C-RAZY with a capital CRA has displayes less psychotic behavior than someone who is C-RAZY with a capital C-R-A-Z-Y!!
guy1: Dave's girlfriend is C-RAZY with a capital C, she trashed his computer when she found he had hung out with his old babysitter.
guy 2: Dude, Alan's girlfriend is C-RAZY with a capital C-R-A-Z-Y, she set his place on fire because she thought he looked at another girl!

guy 1: Oh yeah man, that is C-RAZY with a capital C-R-A-Z-Y!!
by B to da A-E-Y April 07, 2011
Me and 75% of the world...
KillerGal: Hey
Me: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!
KillerGal: Wtf!?!?!?
Me: Hi
KillerGal: Umm hi
Me: fuck you bye!!!!!
(I walk away)
KillerGal: Okay then???? She's crazy...
by *CassyCraziCupcake* April 02, 2011
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