when some does shit that is either really funny or really stupid :P
Fish Sticks, "woah! he ran across the matric lawn!" "he's CRAZY!"
by ninjazindahouse:D February 05, 2011
someone who's eccentric,irrational or insane
Its crazy to work all those hours and expect me to do the same thing tommorrow.
by Gerard Irick November 03, 2010
Person who lives in Scotland, most probably crazy, with soft spot for Serbs and dafftys, with zero tolerance for twats, plonkers and cats.
don't be such a crazy S, and stop chatting with those insane Serbs!!!
by macdeedee June 27, 2010
Instead of

: "That guy is crazy"

: "That guy is tania"
by Red Dot!!!!! December 23, 2009
1: Insane

2: A sarcastic, patronizing reply, generally used in response to boasting
1: What on earth was Gordon Brown thinking when he visited Margaret Thatcher as a publicity stunt? What a terrible idea. His PR team must be crazy.

2: Man 1 (trying to impress) - Yesterday I smoked a WHOLE JOINT!

Man 2 (in a sarcastic voice) - craaaaazy
by AIDSVIRUS August 26, 2008
Instead of
: "That guy is crazy"
: "That guy is tania"
by Red Dot!!! December 23, 2009
wow you're so crazy its like your a kayla
by Roy :P March 29, 2010

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