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Instead of

: "That guy is crazy"

: "That guy is tania"
by Red Dot!!!!! December 23, 2009
5 10
a great song by gnarles barkley OR something out of control
what are you listening to?just some crazy.
by saffyhendrix January 03, 2009
5 10
someone who's eccentric,irrational or insane
Its crazy to work all those hours and expect me to do the same thing tommorrow.
by Gerard Irick November 03, 2010
1 7
1: Insane

2: A sarcastic, patronizing reply, generally used in response to boasting
1: What on earth was Gordon Brown thinking when he visited Margaret Thatcher as a publicity stunt? What a terrible idea. His PR team must be crazy.

2: Man 1 (trying to impress) - Yesterday I smoked a WHOLE JOINT!

Man 2 (in a sarcastic voice) - craaaaazy
by AIDSVIRUS August 26, 2008
3 9
Someone who is insane or out of their mind
(e.g. Mazie) A person who acts totally out of their mind, is not on drugs so the only definiton is 'Crazy'.
by Boko May 22, 2005
6 12
wow you're so crazy its like your a kayla
by Roy :P March 29, 2010
2 9
Instead of
: "That guy is crazy"
: "That guy is tania"
by Red Dot!!! December 23, 2009
3 10