Something out of the ordinary, or doesn't fit in the norm.
Mariah Carey is crazy for marrying Nick Cannon and Mariah did not use a prenupt.
by Keitha May 02, 2008
Something that either everyone is, or no one is.
Person 1: You're crazy because you hear voices that aren't there.
Person 2: Psh, well you're crazy because you read stories about alien sex!
Genius: Everyone in this world is somewhat crazy. The people who seem the most sane are really the most crazy because they are so crazy they don't know they are crazy.
by whatwhatwhat77 May 19, 2012
when it's broke and you say there's nothing to fix
Harry: Yeah, yeah, yeah that's what crazy is, when it's broke and you say there's nothing to fix
by Mrs.NaillHoran April 05, 2012
anything which does not follow the conformities of a regular us society such as music, one can never allow society to tell them what they can listen too, music, is an expression of emotion, whether it be anger, lonliness, or depression, which by the way is more of a state of mind then an emotion.dont comform unless thats what you want to do
that bitch that listens to icp is crazy man, they talk about killing people and stuff.
pres bush needs a to teach his buddy how to hunt, thats retarded, someone should see if that guy knew something that he shouldnt have known its all a conspiracy dammit. dont believe a word that fucking old geezer cheney says, he did it on purpose i tell ya
by oogamiser April 02, 2006
a great song by gnarles barkley OR something out of control
what are you listening to?just some crazy.
by saffyhendrix January 03, 2009
actually spelled two different ways. The correct spellings are as follows. Craizy and Craziy. definition 1) To wave your arms back in forth in a mentally unstable duck-like fashion. 2) To lick your lips so much you must secretly put on chap stick.
She is so craizy, when you misspell a word she almost goes into flight.
Liz is so crazy she is addicted to chap stick.
by Fran(l)ky January 28, 2013
Someone who is insane or out of their mind
(e.g. Mazie) A person who acts totally out of their mind, is not on drugs so the only definiton is 'Crazy'.
by Boko May 22, 2005

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