Another term used to describe the bus transporting the "special" kids to school. Also see short bus
"Holy shit, I saw 8 crazy buses on my way to school this morning, I think that's some kind of bad omen."
by shwig August 05, 2005
Top Definition
That song that Arthur hates but DW loves. It has nonsensical lyrics such as "busalooey".
I was playing Crazy Bus on some speakers, and an angry mob led by Arthur burned down my house.
by King of Jellybeans December 18, 2009
A word used to discribe something so crazy its crazyer than crazy. Came from Tyler D(fagballs).
That was so crazybus.
by Mitchell pwned u April 24, 2008
a death machine driven by a straightxedge kiddo. do not enter. stay away and off the sidewalks and/or near telephone poles.
"How are you getting home Jimmy?" "I'm taking the crazy bus!" "Is that a smart choice Jimmy?"
by bdoh November 04, 2006
an exclamation used when something is crazy, but not quite to the point of laughter
::someone tells a boring story that is supposed to be exciting:: Crazy Bus!
by Alifonte October 19, 2003
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