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A song every lovesick emo teenager believes they can relate to
Oh Ajay, you really are my wonderwall, and I will never get over you. Until the hot guy from the Cheesecake Factory asks me out.
by snlgirl July 31, 2005
A misunderstood creature that has an arm made of celery and Patrick Duffy as a leg.

It is actually a very kind creature despite it's strange appearance. Urban myths telling of its fierceness are largely untrue. Believed to have been killed by Stan Marsh a few years a go.
Scuzzlebutt: Friends?

Stan: :::Click:::KaBoom::::

::::Scuzzlebutt brains everywhere:::
by snlgirl August 31, 2005
Oral sex enjoyed by middle schoolers on class trip. See also bus job
If you have wild and crazy bus sex when you're in middle school, it could lead to this awkward conversation:

Britney: I hate you!
Mike: You didn't always hate me...
Britney: Shut up. That was wild and crazy bus sex. It didn't mean anything.
by snlgirl July 31, 2005
A blow job received on a bus. See also wild and crazy bus sex
Britney gave Mike a bus job during the class trip to Baltimore.
by snlgirl July 31, 2005
The second choice when naming our beloved United States of America.

America is named for Amerigo vespucci. Let's all be thankful that cartographers chose to name our country after the man's first name, not his last...
George Bush is not the president of MY Vespucci Land.
by snlgirl August 31, 2005
The Amish word for shit. See also shnitzelmacher
Oh shnitzel! I forgot to shave my muttonchops.
by snlgirl June 11, 2005
Extreme Amish swear word. Comparable to motherfucker.
Oh Schnitzelmacher! That horse just bit off my muttonchops!
by snlgirl June 11, 2005
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