Another term for "crazy", coined to be used when describing a party and/or a person.
That party in South Pas, it was cray cray- I got so triple x wasted!

Dude we are so CRAY CRAY- wearing our perfect uniform and dancing in the parking lot!
by Shannonanon September 07, 2007
off the hook, wild, person with ADD, just keeping it crunk
-He was goin cray cray.
-Last night was cray cray man.
by Kevin Cray July 13, 2004
So unbelievably close to sheer insanity that one word cannot express the sentiment alone.
Yo, did you see the way Anando pounded shot after shot of straight e’erclear at that party? That shit was cray cray.

Did you hear how cray cray Bryan got last night? Remember that chick from the bar? He took her home and gave her the Tony Danza treatment, no lie.

Note: The power of this adjective phrase is often misunderstood and underestimated. Harm from misuse may occur. Use with caution and only under appropriate circumstances.
by Mateo the Wise July 26, 2006
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