usually used in adjective form, cray- cray simply means, super crazy
"oh man in that party yesterday Johnny made out with a girl AND a guy! Only one word can describe that party... and it is.. cray- cray"

"That party was so cray-cray!"

"Angela is so cray-cray!"
by SammiJ3000 March 06, 2006
An abbreviation of Crazy, commonly used by people who define themselves as "hipsters". Cray-Cray doesn't sound at all like Crazy so it really doesn't work, I didn't make up the word though...
John: "Hey man, remember last years halloween party?"
Bob: 'The police showed up, and I woke up on a random persons couch with a wet towel on my head, GREAT party"
John: "Yeah man, it was totally Cray-Cray"
Bob: *Smacks John *Leaves*
by hellopeople9 November 18, 2013
Slang term for crazy
OMG today was totally craycray
by cooba January 25, 2012
The nuttiest you've ever been at 234 Brownstone Dr.

Feeling of utter out of controlness.
"That Bitch was so cray-cray, i was freaking out."
by RawbM February 25, 2003
Cray Cray is derived from the saying "case of the cray cray" alluding to someone who is behaving in an emotionally and mentally unstable manner.

Crazy, resident of loonyville, Nuts, emotionally and mentally unstable.

Psycho ex-girlfriend-like.
You called your ex 232 times last night. Uhm, someone has a case of the Cray Cray courtney.

Girl, you cray cray!
by dietdrpepperrrr July 12, 2010
A term used to desribe one as "crazy" Often used in a positive manner.
Giiiirl YOU cray cray...
by Wolf3 April 29, 2009
Something so crazy it takes 2 words to describe it
George: I met a lesbian interracial couple that adopted an amputee kid!
Molly: Whoa! That's so cray cray!
by KiD KhaYo October 23, 2010
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