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masturbating while silver tears drip down your cheeks
"Granda Grandma why did you have to die?" Jimmy inquired midway through crasterbation at his grandmothers funeral.
by Hillman January 20, 2006
Crying and masturbating at the same time.
Distraut after the biznitch dumped me, I hopped on the internet for some crasturbation
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
Jerking off with your own tears. Made popular by the movie "Waiting"
"...like that time you beat off using your own tears as lubricant(crasterbation)?"
"That was only once, and I was drunk."
by Jorpy12 June 18, 2006
The art of evasively jerking off in a high school computer lab.
Look at that guy in the computer lab wacking it to gay porn! He has definitely mastered the art of Crasterbation...
by Crassmaster9000 September 16, 2014