1. to shut down. cease to work, applied to a computer or program.
2. To hit something in a car or other vehicle
My computer crashed.
My car crahed into a brick wall
by 5'1"Racer March 15, 2004
Someone who comes up with memes or conjunction or 'understandable make-up' words. (Short for crashnbrn)
guy 1: I just came up with a new word!"
guy 2: Well, let's hear it.
guy 1: Smarticles.
guy 2: Man.. You're a regular Crash.
by One and only Crash sidekick! December 21, 2010
To sleep or sleep somewhere
Yo I'm bout to crash, ill hit you up tomorrow
I'm crashing over Johnny's for the night.
by KingJoJo July 22, 2013
Originated in Cary, North Carolina. Another meaning for "dope", "prime", or "legit".
"Bro, that ice cream is so crash!"
"Yo, that party last night was so crash."
"Dude, that turkey skin I ate for lunch was mad crash, bro!"
by Shlilly Shlally November 22, 2012
Trying to enroll in a class when it's full. Happens all the time at Cal Poly SLO thanks to Arnold's budget cuts.
I'm going to crash ENGL148.
I tried crashing SCOM201 but that bitch of a professor wouldn't let me in.
by JPE May 12, 2004
Fucking incredible movie. It's about how all these people in LA deal with racism.
Watch this movie and try not to be so godamn narrow minded.
by Adrian August 17, 2005
Onomatopoeia for the noise made when large things such as cars smash into something.
After the lightning the thunder came with a loud crash.
by grizzlymaster March 06, 2009
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