From the words crack and hash. Basicaly, marijuana in its resious form with a bit of that crack.
My nigga Smoozy is coppin tha fire crash from the Heights.
by Boznea April 22, 2007
A person in a crew or hood who is down for anything. Tha nigga that will bang a nigga just for tha fun of it. He'll be normal one sec den he'll just flip.
Dat nigga Main is a crash, he'll fuck u up just for lookin' at him funny.
by Lil' Ricky June 28, 2006
A sign off on Nextel Walkie-talkies used in technology
Ton, Crash! (end of transmission)
by afail July 14, 2004
to lend someone something
usually fags or money
crash me a fag
by laura W November 12, 2003
to beat someone to a bloody pulp to dominate turf
If you don't leave I'll crash you.
by frida smith April 22, 2003
To (often collectively) stare at someone who has just made a bad joke or done something intended to be funny that wasn't.
He was the only one laughing, everyone else was crashing him.
by Anonymous October 16, 2003
1. To fall or smack into

2. To live with, or sleep with

3. What you do when you are high
1. During her orgasm, she crashed to the floor.

2. a) Hey, you can crash with me. I've got space for two. b) Hey, you wanna CRASH with me tonight? Don't worry, I remembered the condoms AND the lube.
3. The weed filled their body with so much shit, they began to crash.
by Torshcol the Impossible January 15, 2015

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