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From the words crack and hash. Basicaly, marijuana in its resious form with a bit of that crack.
My nigga Smoozy is coppin tha fire crash from the Heights.
by Boznea April 22, 2007
A person in a crew or hood who is down for anything. Tha nigga that will bang a nigga just for tha fun of it. He'll be normal one sec den he'll just flip.
Dat nigga Main is a crash, he'll fuck u up just for lookin' at him funny.
by Lil' Ricky June 28, 2006
A sign off on Nextel Walkie-talkies used in technology
Ton, Crash! (end of transmission)
by afail July 14, 2004
to lend someone something
usually fags or money
crash me a fag
by laura W November 12, 2003
to beat someone to a bloody pulp to dominate turf
If you don't leave I'll crash you.
by frida smith April 22, 2003
To (often collectively) stare at someone who has just made a bad joke or done something intended to be funny that wasn't.
He was the only one laughing, everyone else was crashing him.
by Anonymous October 16, 2003