The act of passing the time on the crapper by participating in a small, fun activity.

You may read a book, or play angry birds on your smartphone
Shirturbating (exactly how it sounds) may also be a craptivity

Don't forget to wash your hands, after every craptivity!
Chris B. always likes to pass time on the can with a craptivity, but not necessarily with shiturbating
by THXXX 1337 December 21, 2013
Top Definition
an additional activity to accompany the excretion of solid bodily waste.
Jimothy: What's your favorite craptivity? Mine is chatting online.

Doyle: ... I usually just crap...
by Clintlan May 15, 2008
A crappy activity, or an acitivity that actually involves crap.
"Hey, man, when I was cleaning out my loft last weekend, I found these fossilized Twizzlers under my bed. That was such a craptivity."
by teamvolturi December 22, 2009

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