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Crapperjack: an expression of dissapointment. Like when you open a box of Crackerjack's and get a really crappy 2 cent prize that is worse than the rest of the 2 cent prizes.
Crapperjack! I swear his 'package' looked bigger at the bar...now i'm stuck with this short short man.

Crapperjack!!! I've slept with 4 men over the age of 60 and I STILL haven't been given a promotion in this worthless company!
by James March 06, 2004
A handjob given to a person on the toilet who is attempting to defecate.
That's as disruptive as a crapperjack.
by John Gonzales February 21, 2011
one who uses obscene words all the time. Also called a crapjack.
You are such a crapperjack.
by uttam maharjan October 01, 2011
A slang or pun on the U.S. brand snack Cracker Jacks used for a lower or less derogatory term of the word "crap"
After the teenager was defeated in the video game he quickly exclaimed "Crapper Jacks!"
by Pyromaster13 November 28, 2009