Something a girl suffers when she is on the rag. Feels like one is being stabbed in the gut with a knife or giving birth. Typically make a girl lay in the fetal position or want to sit in the shower/bath for hours on end. Cramps can be felt during ovulation two weeks before the period actually starts. However, cramps are the worst on the first and second day of a girl cycle. Also used as an excuse to avoid sleeping with a man that has a small penis.
SHIT MAN! My cramps are so bad I want to cut out my uterus!

Boyfriend: Do you have cramps babe?
Girlfriend: Fuck off!

On night stand Man (with small dick): So can we bone tonight?
Woman: Lets just fool around. I have my period and really bad cramps.
by islandfever February 13, 2009
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a god awful pain girls go through during "that time of the month"
i have such bad cramps
by JENiQA March 17, 2007
To interfere with; to ruin
Don't cramp my style
by enzo July 19, 2004
What a girl experiences on her period. The cramps come from the uterus and it is sometimes like a burning feeling.
My cramps were so bad last night, I curled up in a ball and went to sleep.
by busybee711 November 20, 2010
sometimes called Charley horses, are unpleasant, often painful, sensations caused by contraction or over shortening of muscles. Cramps can be caused by cold, overexertion or low calcium level in blood
- I was working out today and i got a cramp on my leg...
- Stretch and it will go away...
by juliopaveif September 21, 2008
a pain that comes from hell and affects girl during that "time of the month" feels a lot like dying.
my cramps were so bad I even fainted
by satanma December 21, 2014
1. An alternative dance style.
2. A gangster term relating to being cool or having swagger often used in songs.
1. My homie and I went to the club and got our cramp on.
2. Wake up in the mornin gonna cramp my style. Crampings like a melody in my head that i cant keep out got me singin like wa wa wawawa why you trippin we aint even crampin nothin. If you like it then you shoulda cramped it our cramp is the slamma screen door sneakin out late crampin on your window.
by Cramp-Dizzle April 11, 2010

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