a former black metal band.

their old stuff was black metal, the new stuff isn't. but they're not bad.
by psychoman364 November 01, 2003
A band with a name to match their talent.
Guy #1: Did you hear that new cradle of filth song? It's siiiick.

Guy #2: If you're in to metal that sounds like a fricken dog on meth, then I guess you're right on this one buddy. I'm gonna listen to some iced earth.
by Dogta Wiwy. September 29, 2007
one of the best bands ever cradle of filth came straight out of england during 1992 some say theyre black metal some say theyre symphonic whatever they are theyre sick twisted lyrics and deranged muzic videos how can it get any better than that some socalled real goths say they suck cuz theyre popular well fuck those goths they suck
guy1:cradle of filth rocks
guy3:whata fudge packer you dont know about cof
by psycotic goth July 10, 2008
A good symphonic metal band that is neither death nor black metal. They are great, and these faggots are scared because of all the bands in the extreme metal genre, cradle of filth is the most popular. Although popular in thir own field, many people have no idea who they are and the only airtime ive ever seen them get was on Uranium(fuse). They are good and as close to black/death metal as you can get. Another people tend to turn away from them is their attitude. They make fun of themselves, referring to the collection "lovecraft and witchhearts" a compilation of "musical excriments". They, although look satanic are not. They dont go around sacrificing things in the name of Satan or things of that sort. But thats what people want who are into this kind of msic style. Cradle of filth have ctaegorized themselves as "black metal for bastards". Overall a great band, and has almost no commercial popularity, so dont worry-indulge in good, wholesome CoF!
Cradle of Filth is almost done recording nymphetamine!
A band who true "goths" or so they seem to think themselves hate because they are popular, and they are popular because people like them for the wrong reasons. They aren't really black metal, as they have become far too cartoony and are almost making fun of themselves, but as musicians they can play their instruments well, better than any punk band.
by Lestat November 03, 2003
Cradle is the best! they will show all you pretenders out their what black metal is really about
It's a like Marilyn Manson times ten
by Jay July 25, 2003
worst band of all time. period.
'Oh Cradle of Filth are amzing' *SLAP
by chikka*tikka June 06, 2007
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