Despite that many people deny this, Cradle Of Filth IS a black metal band. Black metal is a kind of metal that consists of concentrated tremolo picking, and inhumane screaming for vocals and black metal is very atmospheric. Cradle Of Filth parallels to the definition to black metal, just because they have gone mainstream, doesn't mean that they're fake black metal.
Recommended songs:
Cruelty brought Three Orchids
Lustmord & Wargasm
Her Ghost In The Fog
by Karth February 03, 2005
A shitty screamo "black metal" band that so many faggots like. As it has been said before, I shall say it again. If you like "cradle" you probably like the other gay shit like slipknot and mudvayne.

I am ashamed to even listen to the same genre of music because this shit is a disgrace to metal. If you want some real black metal, go listen to Dimmu Borgir you little fucknuts.
Scene Kid (Faggot): Ohh my gawsh, I'm super psyched I get to go see Cradle of Filth!!

Real Metal Fan: Fuck you! *Boots him in the chest and kicks him in the face* Fucking pussy!
by Scene Kids Can Eat Dicks February 16, 2009
COF is the poor mans Carpathian Forest. COF aren't even Black Metal.

Carpathian is a great example of a great BM band!!
Concert guy: "sorry guys but the Mighty Mayhem isn't here to play, so instead we brought in COF"

black metal fans: "fuck COF they arent even black metal!" *shoots the concert guy*

black metal fans: "kill COF in the name of Mayhem and TRUE Black Metal!!!"
by 1349 Tyrant May 12, 2005
Possibly the WORST band in existance.They are NOT black metal and are NOT underground.In fact,they are very very trendy.If you like Slipknot,Mudvayne,and ICP.Chances are you like Cradle of Filth.

If you honestly think theyre black metal listen to some Venom,Emperor,Mayhem,and
If you honestly think theyre black metal listen to some Venom,Emperor,Mayhem,and Dissection
by Mike February 09, 2005
While technically not bad musicians they have become the super stars of the black metal scene. Headed by frontman Dani Filth, a bombastic idiot who is an ultra poser on all accounts. Listened too mostly by the sheep that shop religiously at hot topic they have created a sound which is commercial black metal and deviated completely from the true black metal culture. A culture based on murder and arsen.
Dani filth is the justin timberlake of black metal
Marilyn Manson with double-bass.
That explains them.
by wow cradle of filth is gay July 09, 2003
a band that makes up there own damn words or purposly searches through the dictionary to find the biggest word possible so they can use it in one of there songs. with scary vocals I swear every time dani filth screams the guitarist whacks him in the balls with his guitar. in one word......... terrible
This precipitous weir to Hell's high gate. what the hell does that mean anyway?
by Nick January 29, 2005

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