1) Stuff to snack on

2) Drugs
-Wut u doin?

--Snackin' on some crackies
by Willy Style December 09, 2003
Top Definition
(Not to be confused with crackhead, which is a noun and describes a person addicted to crack, cracky, is an adjective which can be used to describe the following.)

1. Poor behavior, poor quality, poor actions or decision making.
2. Any similarity, resemblance or relating that of a crackhead.
3. Unkempt, uncleanly or unsanitary in appearance.
4. Anything gross or repulsive in nature.
1. That guy is real cracky, he lost his job for stealing from the cash register.

2. Dude, don't open and eat food in the supermarket without paying first, that's cracky.

3. I wouldn't never kiss Jorge, hiz zits are nasty and his teeth are cracky.

4. Stacie thinks she looks good but she really looks cracky in those mom jeans.
by Dronkit March 07, 2007
Being under the influence of crack cocaine.
Hey Conan dude, I heard you like to get cracky?
by Dumas February 16, 2007
A word used by Dave Chapelle to describe a crack addict or a crazy. Can be used to insult friends to.
Ah!Get out of here cracky!
by Mal X Coon October 29, 2004
When you can feel all the hair follicles on your head after you've been awake too long. Mostly after using hard drugs or uppers like caffeine, adderral, crack, or meth.
I feel so cracky
by lil50 November 28, 2014
crackwhore , stupid whore that takes crack
you ***king cracky!!!
by jimmah August 31, 2003
One who is completely off one's cracker.
That girl at the bar last night was totally blowing lines and shouting out random Snooki facts. She was a total Cracky.
by Amalia Lylian March 24, 2011
Derogatory term used to describe persons who look run down from too much hard drug use - thought not necessarily crack - as it may include cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy and others. Commonly present at all-night underground parties (referred to as raves in the 90's).
(Via cell phone conversation at 3am)
Male: "Is the party worth the cover charge"?

(Responding from the party)
Female: "No. It's ghetto. Too many damn crackies."
by Cookie Vanderbilt August 15, 2007
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