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Smacking someone EXTREMELY hard on the ass, while running and jumping in the air, leaving a red hand mark on the cheeks.
"Damn Derrick, how fast were you running when you gave me that jumping strudel? That bitch still stings."
by Dumas November 04, 2006
A strutel that is given to one that has massive hemorrhoids, causing them to pop and bleed profusely, resulting in death.
Hey man, did you hear about Derrick? I heard Bill gave him a fatal strudel, and now he's dead.
by Dumas January 02, 2007
Slapping someone's ass EXTREMELY hard while they are asleep, which wakes the person up, and often results in violence.
Man, I was so pissed when Derrick woke me up with that waking strudel.
by Dumas January 05, 2007
To smack another person's ass EXTREMELY hard, leaving a red hand mark on the cheeks.
"Damn dude, I can't even sit down after that strudel Derrick just gave me."
by Dumas November 02, 2006
A steet where you can buy an amount of crack.
Hey man, I've got twenty bucks. Lets go to Beekman.
by Dumas January 05, 2007
Being under the influence of crack cocaine.
Hey Conan dude, I heard you like to get cracky?
by Dumas February 16, 2007
The world's most famous and powerful crackhead. Legend has it, that he can smoke a fat $40 rock in a single hit.
Man, nobody could smoke this rock in one hit. Well, maybe the one and only Beek-Man could.
by Dumas March 03, 2007

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