1. someone who actually partakes in smoking crack.
2. someone who conducts themselves in a strange manner, in the manner of a crazy person, a hobo, or a diluted senial old man.
3. someone who does or says something that doesn't make sense or is contrary to something previously done/said.
1. Your mom needs to lay off the pipe, she's such a crackhead.
2. My friend was running through the street yesterday wearing pink spandex and screaming "poseidon is coming with his trident of fury," she must have seemed like such a crackhead.
2. Your dad told me he loved fishing but would never go fishing before sunrise or if it was light out, he's such a crackhead.
by mugabe November 28, 2005
1) A person on crack 2)One who does something so stupid that they would have to be on drugs
2)Jon was a crackhead because he punched a wall and broke his hand.
by MissCleo July 23, 2004
One who has lost all common sense and has low mental capacity.
I have decided that it is now the right time to quit my job and Lason.......working with too many crack heads!!!
by Earlie Graves September 29, 2008
A person that sits around parks and highstreets drinking cheap/strong beer and goin down the ally for a cheeky joint or a hit of herion and/or crack. They are also poor and like to steal.
Crackhead: "Oit mate you got the time?"

Tom: "Na mate sorry"

Crackhead: "Can i have a beer?"

(Crackhead goes on to steal Tom's Beer)
by youallrighttheremate June 03, 2010
someone who looks like they are constantly tripping (especially in the eyes) because they clearly have been smoking waay too much crack
1) look at that guy, jesus, matty t is such a crackhead!
2) oi crackhead! pass me the pes controller!
by rgp May 15, 2007
A crackhead is a person that is addicted to crack or other illegal drugs and always goes to jail beacuse the use of them and usually wonders streets at night.
My neighbor Charlie is a crackhead
by packerskid2008 April 29, 2007
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