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Frontman and guitarist of Green Day, the best friggin band on the planet, who is a Sex God!
At the Green Day concert last night, by friend threw her panties at Billie Joe Armstrong, sexiest man alive.
by MissCleo July 23, 2004
A way of saying "How are you doing?" used by, yet again, soda-drunk jr. high kids being their usual crazy selves.
Yo Sabrina what's crackalackin?
by MissCleo July 22, 2004
1) A person on crack 2)One who does something so stupid that they would have to be on drugs
2)Jon was a crackhead because he punched a wall and broke his hand.
by MissCleo July 23, 2004
The crappiest Jr. High School in Arizona, where their main concern is if you where your hood up on your jacket or not, instead of the kids who are cutting themselves in the corner or the kids flunking 7th Grade for the fiftieth time in a row, and a girl came to school and shot at people because someone "took" her boyfriend.
Mike: What school do you go to?
Emily: Desert Foothills JHS
Mike: haha, that sucks.
by MissCleo July 23, 2004
1) One who pisses one off 2)A word used to express anger 3)An insult 4) A bowling team from AMF, which each one dresses in extravegant clothing such as pink belts, raggy shirts, 70's hair cuts, and Johnny Depp styles; a bowling team which other teams would love to steal their name
1)Some mo freaker butterflied me on the way to class, argh! 2) Ouch, MO FREAKER! I dropped it! 3)You stupid mo freaker! 4)We are going to kill the Mo Freakers and steal their name.
by MissCleo July 22, 2004
A word used to describe something as "cool." It's a combination of "punk" and "pimp", most commonly used by soda-drunk jr. high kids at parties.
Whoa dude, the hat is so pump!
by MissCleo July 22, 2004
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