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Crabius Hater-aid-ius

A species best know for the ability to pull town another when they see poisitive actions going on without them. The Crab is in of itself a credible individual capable of doing great things ,but through the use of an over inflated ego causes division.
The Crabius Hater-aid-ius
Tavis " The King Crab " Smiley
by G from the A February 24, 2008
Disgusting pubic infestation after shagging something who already has it, or in a very rare case, having your first ham-shank.(Like my pal Allan B)

Makes you walk like John Wayne with a poker up his arse
Oh, not crabs! I knew this masturbation thing was the devil's work
by Biafra J July 13, 2004
It's a sea creature. There are kids looking this up, go hang with your friends and don't be a slut.
Hey, we had crabs for dinner last night, what did you have?
by sexualactivityisalsonice December 29, 2011
A nickname for a woman who has pubic lice or has had the condition a number of times. Often wears the little critters as a badge of honor and adopts little pet names for each individual crab.
Crabs works at Costco, but beware she didn't get that nickname from selling seafood.
by Uglyyellowcar March 14, 2008
1. a posture where one is on his hands and feet facing upwardss
2. a sex position where a woman is in crab and gets penetrate my a guy who stands or kneels in front of her
3. a cunnilingus position where a woman in crab gets eaten out by a person in front of her
I fucked her crab style on the table.

Ginger was squatting crab style on the bed when Julie knelt down and started licking her cunt.
by Rod X February 14, 2014
the shit you will get if you call Lindsey Lohan "hot"
Slut #1: Lindsey Lohan Is Sooooo Hawt -wink wink-
Docter: bitch you got crabs.
by Kreepeer October 12, 2013
A person who brings other people down with them.
"I got snitched on by Larry what a fucking crab"
by d e e p z August 22, 2011