A sexually transmitted disease contracted through sleeping with the infected. It results in an infestation of pubic lice in your pubic region and it itches so bad you'll wish you were dead.
I got crabs now i want to die
by Marla Singers vagina December 10, 2009
A derogatory remark used to disrespect the LA street gang Crips. In context with the crip handsign when both hands are throwing up crip they look like crab pinchers
Fuck slobs and crabs 74 GD for life!
by Chucky T December 08, 2004
1. Crabs: can be those tiny bug's that will infiltrate the pubis.

2. You can also describe a person for being being a Grumpy/Angry Shit.
1. damn those crabs *itch* so itchy *scratch*

2a): )"¤()#<insert naughty words>(="/%&/# *walks away*
2b): Now what was that all about?
2c): He had crabs up his bum or someone put crabs in the toilet when he went for a shit.
by No-body123 August 09, 2006
¢rips respe¢t all bloods
on blood...fu¢k da ¢rabz
by shawty January 19, 2004
A disease that makes you hump desks, and seats.
A girl at my school humps the desk cuz she has crabs.
by Krabbyland March 12, 2010
A crustacean of the pubic area.
i was going down on my girl and saw the little man in the canoe was being attacked by crabs.
by crazy yankee May 08, 2009
An animal found at the sea.
Look at those crabs, Johnny.
by DRIZAIK December 07, 2003

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