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An insulting term to crips, mostly used by us bloods
"You fuckin crab, betta not come around this block anymore"
by syked February 18, 2004
Slowed down/chopped/screwed up music/style, originated by 'DJ Screw (RIP).... Swisha house includes freestylas such as, Magnificent, 50 50, Paul Wall, Chamilionarre, Mike Jones... who?

yeah mofuckas, swisha house.. dirrty souf.
by syked September 19, 2003
A slang term for cocaine - used mostly over the phone to trick any taps that might be on the phone.
"Ayo man, I got this white lady over here.. she wants to meet you.. she said she's worth $50"
by syked February 18, 2004
it does not mean 60 seconds when used in slang terms. Usually means a long time, from a week to a few months, maybe even a year.
"I Haven't seen you for a minute dawg, how ya been?"
by syked March 17, 2004
A Customer, typically a person wanting to buy drugs.
"Man, hold up.. let me go deal with this custo, he's fiendin like a mofucka, and I need the money"
by syked February 18, 2004
A slang term for ice, also known as crystal meth. The word means pure ice, which typically is good shit.
"Say man, I got that sconta for sale... wanna buy some?"
by syked May 03, 2004
Lying about something specific...

1) Lying on your dick
2) Lying on your mouth
3) Lying on your pussy
1) Lying about fucking someone
2) Lying about sucking someones dick
3) Lying about getting fucked by someone
by syked February 18, 2004
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