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In Mr. T-glish, a rhetoric comment equivalent to the English "I'd best not find out who it was."
I pity the fool who scratched my car.
by diatrevolo November 09, 2003
A mouse on a public computer. Wash your hands.
Doctor: "You seem to have diarrhea."
Patient: "Damn, must have been the anonymouse."
by diatrevolo November 09, 2003
Latin for 'person.'
How you doin', mein.
by diatrevolo November 07, 2003
The word 'cabron' is a variable in Puerto Rican spanish. It can be anything from 'deliriously good' to 'you have done wrong to a certain degree.'
English: Loco, these nachos...cabron!
Spanish: Pana, estos nachos saben cabrones.

English: Cabron, you been doin Lisa, mein?
Spanish: Cabron, te vi con Lisa, mein.
by diatrevolo November 07, 2003
One of the many words in the miopianimalisticonfusionary family of words. Associated to people without glasses, this family of words describes animals that are confusing to miopic people. Other examples include the dogzard, the giraphant, and the hedgedog.
Damn, another crabbit...
Put on your glasses.
by diatrevolo April 13, 2004
In Puerto Rican rap slang, something really great. Also, a fine woman.
Dembow, dale dembow.
by diatrevolo November 09, 2003
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