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A form of a baser. A baser, which is characterized as a one who purchases and uses products of drugs, narcotics, and who is usually homeless or ‘lives on the corner in a box’. A jug and a baser, in terms, are relative in a way like cousins (I.E. Venus is like Earth’s Cousin). A baser turns into a jug when they’re in the constant state of being under the influence of toxicity or when their actions are becoming more of a daily ‘baser like’ schedule. They are a jug than or act out as ‘juggin’.
Person 1: Damn that nigga a jug
Person 2: Thats cold man, I know Jit Brian, he just a baser.
Person 1: Nah, he be juggin' and shit. He a jug!
by Newport March 03, 2008
1.) Referring to a certain area, region, or address that distributes street industry commonly known where the main port or racket of drugs is. Drug dealers are known to re-up or stock-up from cozies. Most hood figures- drug dealers, dope boys, and hustlers- are common with knowing where the cozy is located but the area isn’t easy to find when you’re an average or just a local in your area. The term ‘cozy’ is used commonly and in the open but once again, isn’t known by most civilians of the area where it really is---2.)A secret racket of street industry.

Person 1: Where we gonna' get the trees?
Person 2: I'm fixing to go to the cozy, i'll be back in a minute.
by Newport March 03, 2008
Sanchez---The ‘Sanchez’ origins are rooted back to ‘Julk City,” known as Tampa Bay, Florida and a new type of dance springing forth. The Sanchez was a dance developed by ‘julkin’ which is a genre of dance developed by Tampa’s own musicians who are common for their heavy and catchy bass, booty/bounce, and a type of dance hall reggae. Like julkin, the Sanchez is favored by moving to the bass of the song. It starts at the torso usually moving the elbows at the side ‘jiving’ to the beat. The dance is than ended up as actually a lengthy work out because those doing the dance are ending up supporting their own body weight with one arm sometimes. The dance starts with the elbows moving down to the ground. The dancer who is performing is usually easing themselves to the ground placing both or one hand on the ground. The performer is commonly in a ‘push up’ position. The waist down of the performing is usually higher than the abdomen and a leg or foot is brought up into the air while the performer is holding themselves up with the other foot, one or both of their hands. More skilled Sanchez dancers are usually holding themselves up with one hand and one foot while the other hand jives to the beat and the other foot is in the air. The foot in the air is mimicking the movements that their knee directs them to the beat of the song, (“Loww Loww,” “Do Yo Dance,”, “I Luv You,” and other common Tampa Julk Songs,) and the other leg supporting the unbalance movement. The dance would usually look simple but requires some practice due holding your entire body weight up, staying steady to unbalanced movement, and jiving to the bass/beat of the song. Songs from artist such as Rated R, Tampa Tony, Strizzo, D.J. Lil Kee, The Black Jack Boyz, Young Fella, Tom G, and Khia are usually looked right when dancing to the song. The main elements of the dance are using the knees and hands for support of moving right. To view the dance and try on your own, go to www.youtube.com and search ‘Sanchez Dance’ and different styles and rhythms are as showed.
Person 1: What kind of Tampa Julk is That?
Person 2: That's the Sanchez wit' it
by Newport March 03, 2008

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