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kóu-ing v. - A vulgar and juvenile activity that involves a group of men going out together to flatulate in public, with the intent of offending others. The term derives from the fact that cows produce copious amounts of intestinal gas on a continual basis, ergo, to "go cowing" is to intentionally go out in public to flatulate like a cow.
Hey bud, let's go cowing! We can fart all over the mall!
by Hal Jackson December 27, 2011
11 2
When a man is behind a girl and the girl is on all fours, the man must "bust" then just knock her over to either his left or right. (somewhat resembling traditional cow tipping)
I got that girl on all fours but she kept on nagging so I had to go cowing.
by buggy07740 January 20, 2010
6 3
As in Cowing-hell or cowin-ell! South Wales exclamation of surprise or shock
Cowing hell! This film is crap
by sara1111 July 10, 2005
8 8
as Beast menas cow in farming terms.

and Beasting means cool as fuck.
Cowing must also mean cool as fuck
Your totally cowing
by cowing king May 29, 2010
1 7