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In computer programming jargon, the terminology to display something to the screen. Pronounced "see-out"
Yeah, that information is useful. You should cout it to the screen.
by darkage7 July 10, 2008
15 3
to have someone get out of the way.
You had your turn, so c'out the way!
by Mike Pal January 14, 2008
2 2
The action of giving a man a blowjob while he is wearing a condom.
She totally couted me last night.
by uberluber December 14, 2010
4 7
Encoded; objective
Great is the mystery of godliness cout.
by Hercolena Oliver August 26, 2009
0 7
a phrase invented by De-Von which can only be used at certain times in certain phrases, depending on the situtation it can be good or bad.
Cout off.
Hey, cout you.
by w0ndthis. July 20, 2004
6 18
of course
Yo Bean is that bitch hot? Cout she is kaitz, shes pov cout hot
by the bean March 31, 2004
6 19