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ast name for the best Irish-americans in the world. Originally known as Mac Cochlain or O Cochlain. For those still in Ireland the name is spelled Coughlan. pronounced as either "coff-linn" or "cogg-linn" or "cock-linn" depending. Native Irelanders pronounce it the latter.
Natalie Coughlin is an excellent swimmer!
by thats so deirdre January 28, 2009
An adjective to describe someone incredibly ugly. They typically look like their face has been hit with a shovel...many times. Usually, a person who is a Coughlin has long dark hair and even though its long, still tucks it behind his ear. No one loves him.
Dude, Patrick just walked into the bar, he looks like such a Coughlin tonight!

After the mob attacked that dude, he was a Coughlin the rest of his life.
by nlantieri April 24, 2011
Coughlin is a name given to an individual that spends most of their time wasted. This normally refers to someone who can be dreadfully boring without both illegal substances and alcohol.
See that Coughlin man? She's mangled!
by StevieGee March 24, 2009
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