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An adjective to describe someone incredibly ugly. They typically look like their face has been hit with a shovel...many times. Usually, a person who is a Coughlin has long dark hair and even though its long, still tucks it behind his ear. No one loves him.
Dude, Patrick just walked into the bar, he looks like such a Coughlin tonight!

After the mob attacked that dude, he was a Coughlin the rest of his life.
by nlantieri April 24, 2011
A way to style your hair. It is done by a person who has long, straight hair that goes down to about there jaw. They then tuck part of it on front of their ear and part behind the ear. It truly is an awful look.
Pat has had really long hair most of his life. He thought having PCE looked good. It didn't...at all.

Guy 1: Yo! Dude! you got some PCE goin on right now!
Guy 2: Oh shit! (fixes his hair) Thanks man.
by nlantieri May 19, 2011
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