An amazing looking young lady, more than a dime.
Did you see Noelle today?! Man she is for sure a cosmo!
by J. Pelli November 16, 2007
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Cosme G. Martinez from S.H.S. in garden grove,ca
by tony February 07, 2005
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Cosmos describes one of the hottest guys on earth. Their sweet and funny, with a slightly cool (but not "I'm all that)" vibe to them. They laugh easily and are playful! He's one of the best friends you can get! No matter what, you know you can count on him.
1. I went through such a hard time this year. It really showed me who my real friends are. My best friend was such a Cosmos.

2. Cosmos is the best.
by Shell Shell! February 10, 2011
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The greatest Coscos in the entire world!!!!(!)
We <3 you Coscos!!!
by Timmy J May 21, 2003
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