A wannabe gangster that dwells in the streets of New Jersey where the thugs are tough and the education even tougher. Is prone to making up insults over the internet to try and make his low-self esteem not appear as bad as it is, though most people know his dad beats his self esteem out of him every night.

He is also capable of intensely destroying the English language with every sentence to point where they call him the Hitler of literacy. Personally, some believe this man to want the English language to disappear all together.

When approaching a wild Cosmo just be prepared to be yelled at and attempt to be instigated into a fight, though you are the pussy if you don't go to fight him and not vice versa.

Be extremely cautious.

Very dangerous.

Hurts feelings.
Yo, this fugazi nerd tried to pull a Cosmo on me.

But I put him in his place like the rest of the world puts Cosmo in his place. Especially his dad.
by PastryEsque July 11, 2014
Something that is very cosmopolitan and ny city.
Often used to describe activities that people in their 20's do.
Have you seen that girl in her trench coat sipping cocktails, that is so COSMO!!
by flemdelaflem May 29, 2012
An ultra-liberal, uber-cool, uptown, trendy, sophisticated, monoculture identity of individuals in a society.
A cosmo can only come up with something like a "brunch".
by doodling July 17, 2011
maker of a line of strap-on dildos for men or women. Made famous by message board poster with the name "cosmo" who swears they are the best thing since sliced bread.
Person 1: Did you see cosmo raving about those cosmo dildo's again?

Person 2: yeah, poor fellow. I heard he lost his in an accident.
by wncs February 24, 2008
Cosmos describes one of the hottest guys on earth. Their sweet and funny, with a slightly cool (but not "I'm all that)" vibe to them. They laugh easily and are playful! He's one of the best friends you can get! No matter what, you know you can count on him.
1. I went through such a hard time this year. It really showed me who my real friends are. My best friend was such a Cosmos.

2. Cosmos is the best.
by Shell Shell! February 10, 2011
An amazing looking young lady, more than a dime.
Did you see Noelle today?! Man she is for sure a cosmo!
by J. Pelli November 16, 2007
a guy who goes absolutely crazy when he plays football/sports;insane in the membrane.
Dude, Bob went cosmo on me after I hit him and then he KICKED...MY...ASS.
by Ann glasglow January 01, 2006

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