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n. a person who is such a playa, he has no boundaries
He's such a corwin that he got head from a lesbian
#pimp #thug #mofo #womanizer #dan diaz
by Tim Kennedy April 17, 2006
Adj., Someone who is very unusual and is a completely different person every other hour. Usually wears a lot of black, but that can change from time to time. Corwin's generally like long coats because of their abnormal height and thinness.
Yo, guy, you shouldn't wear such a long coat with all of that black clothing, you look like a Corwin, and are starting to scare my children.

Man, I swear, if you were any sketchier you'd be a Corwin.

Dude, you gotta calm down, and stop being so obviously Corwin, you're freaking all of the people on this mid-flight airliner out.
#corwin #facebook #jonathan #egypt #carthage #coriwn
by ReelGEEGANKSTAR January 09, 2010
To slowly meander through life thinking everything is 'Amazing and Awesome', thus frustrating friends and family.
We tried to make it to the gig on time, but our guitarist was way too Corwin.
#donkey punch #crowlin #hippie #dreadlocks #slow
by Little Ray February 09, 2006
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