1/something constructed entirely or at, at least partly, out of corn.

2/feet with excess dead skin.
1/a corn field - the most corny object imaginable

2/"omg zameer your feet are so corny!"
by guy-is-leet June 11, 2005
Your butthole.

Shortened version of "Corn Hole".
I like to take it up the corny.
by hapakun February 22, 2008
Corny: adjective. Derived from the world known 'corn shit'.
ie. I had a really 'corny shit' this morning. My stool had bits of corn in it.
by Good Chris April 21, 2004
You, you damn loser
"You're corny"
by Taffus McRaffus March 30, 2004
CORNY : fucking Lame Ass Jokes .. Dumb ass jokes : shit head
jada your jokes are corny

jada your jokes are fucking lame ( CORNY )
by FUCKING DUMB ASS3. March 28, 2016
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