1) Adjective. Stupid to the point that may cause laughter. (See Cheesy)

2) Adjective (Obsolete, 1940s)- a hopeless romantic that is eager but obviously inept.
1) Gee, this game is REALLY corny.

2) John is so corny; he tried to serenade Mary at her house by playing a bottle while she was looking out the window..
by Perry Octopus December 14, 2009
Obviously stupid.
Usually acted by people who are desparate for attention.
"Look, I have 5 fingers" - That's corny.
by McTrafik June 23, 2004
a stupid romantic person
roses are red and sometimes are thorny when i think of you i get really corny.
by lucia October 20, 2003
Horny with corn. A wanna be homosexual.
Stop being so corny you fucker
by Luck you November 08, 2011
1.) something used so much that it's just plain stupid

2.) having a sudden craving for corn (a bit like horny, except for corn.)
1.) your momma jokes

2.) "dude, I'm so corny!"

"then go get some!!"
by Cornyyyyyyt July 04, 2011
george lopez.
God, why are you so corny.
by Georgewantsthis March 28, 2010
When something is ultimately not funny, cool, and just plain retarded.
These kids are planking. That is sooooo corny...
by Corn Da Boss July 02, 2011

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