see: American Gladiators
"Hey man, American Gladiators is on!"

"What's American Gladiators, Brah?"

"Turn it to NBC and see for yourself!"

Moments later...

"Ahhh... This shit is corny as hell."
by PJllama January 14, 2008
Corny: adjective. Derived from the world known 'corn shit'.
ie. I had a really 'corny shit' this morning. My stool had bits of corn in it.
by Good Chris April 21, 2004
You, you damn loser
"You're corny"
by Taffus McRaffus March 30, 2004
Cranky and horny.
man, is she on her period, or is she just corny?
by twofingahzleft May 13, 2015

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