Its real name is CBot. He likes to brush up his eye brows to be "super gnarly." He love video games and has very bad breath. Come on ladies this brotha is lookin for action!!!
If I was friends with Corney then i would be the lamest kid ever.
by Lil Jon January 14, 2005
Top Definition
The incorrect way to spell corny.
Sara: You're corney!
Ian: corny*
Sara: thx dude
by Kent Lee July 15, 2006
The same meaning as "corny" but with an added E because the spelling "corney" is far more desirable.
Trapper Keeper commercials from the 80s were so corney that they were almost cool.
by Brubaker March 04, 2003
The cool and only way to spell 'corny' ;)
Ian: You're corney
Sara: your corner!
by Lee Kent July 15, 2006
Chris Corney- the coolest kid on the block. A higher form of life.
Chris Corney is my master
by Chris Corney January 06, 2005
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