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What an obses conservative female blogger does with a fellow obese male blogger's penis to celebrate an off year election win by a few conservative candidates.

I'm just trying to suck Jonah into election-night Cornering.

Jonah: I'd love to, but I've already cornered myself to pictues of Chris Christie's teddy bear splendor
by Erick Erickson November 04, 2009
5 9
The ability to a smoke a bowl of sensi one segment at a time by holding the lighter at an oblique angle to each unburned "corner" in turn, thereby allowing multiple persons to receive a fresh hit.
Dude, this is my last nug. Don't forget to corner it so I can get a freshie.
by mobiustrip June 27, 2005
67 8
To light a bowl of marijuana with precision to only burn a small proportion and leave enough green for everyone else. Achieved by holding lighter at an angle alongside the bowl. Common among marijuana etiquette and respected with higher quality marijuana.
"This is some delicious chronic."
"We should definitely be cornering this bowl well."
by 420hawkeye May 12, 2010
17 7
Term used to describe the act of riding a high performance motorcycle through a corner (or curve) of a closed race track or road course. An expert rider is able to corner his machine at high velocity by increasing the lean angle of the motorcycle while at the same time hanging off of the machine, a technique that is often accompanied by knee dragging.
Cornering is the most difficult skill to master in the sport of motorcycle roadracing.
by razer December 21, 2006
9 11